Dark Goddess: An Exploration of the Sacred Feminine

Dark Goddess: A Short Film (Trailer)

Debuting with the Dark Goddess Exhibition February 8 - May 6, 2022

Within this exploration of the human gaze, the female body, and what it means to dance along a continuum of sacred and profane, Shanta Lee brings us further down the rabbit hole in the 15 minute short, Dark Goddess. In this combination of original and borrowed footage, this visual meditation is very close to a filmed version of Shanta Lee's Confessions from a Dark Goddess: A Travelogue. Within each of the five sections, we are invited to bear witness  to the artist's exploration of the sacred feminine across natural/cultural/personal landscapes and images transmitted through pop culture.

The full short film is on display at the Fleming Museum of Art within the exhibition,  Dark Goddess: An Exploration of the Sacred Feminine.

Dark Goddess is an exploration that combines  cultural anthropology, photography, and an individual’s personal vision as it relates to unearthing deeper aspects of the goddess. Each of the sample images of this exhibition featured on this site represent a collaboration between the model and photographer. The Dark Goddess exhibition has featured at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in Manchester, VT as a solo show  and will be on display at the Fleming Museum of Art, February  - May 2022.  

In this latest iteration of the exhibition, Dark Goddess: An Exploration of the Sacred Femininefeatures new pieces, a short original film, and items from the Fleming Museum of Art's collection.

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