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Whether it involved a circle of women sitting around a kitchen table vanishing day into night with gossip and other shenanigans or family members, the telling or re-telling of a story was serious business. Filled with everything from voice changes to other physical  reenactments, I was bathed in storytelling though it was juxtaposed against a rule: Children were to be seen, not heard. In an environment of contradictions where no one gave themselves the official title of storyteller, it fed my ability to make many internal observations while feeding an unending curiosity for wanting to dive into the stories of people, things and places.

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"Seeing...the Unseen and In-Between within Vermont's Landscape"

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"Seeing…the Unseen and In-Between within Vermont's Landscape," is a series  I created and produced for Vermont Public dedicated to the intersection of culture, place, people, and stories within Vermont. Highlighted pieces include:

'Seeing' series: Hinesburg multimedia maker Kaylynn Sullivan TwoTrees on histories, language and dreams

'Seeing' series: A story about a weeping cherry tree, and the restoration of family legacy

'Seeing' series: How do Vt. museums navigate problematic legacies?

Personal Poetic & Prose Pieces

Ponder This Archives

A taste of my Ponder This segments created for and aired on Green Mountain Mornings 

100.3 FM and 1490 WKVT circa 2012-2015.

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